What is Industry Membership?

Industry Membership is the membership of Telecom Sector Skill council who will have access to a world of opportunities like networking with corporate majors, Captains of the industry, Academia and senior government officials , they will also have opportunity & say in framing of Qualification packs thus shaping the future of standardized and skilled manpower in telecom industry

Validity of Industry Membership is for 2 years

  • Free Access to TSSC job-portal for the entire duration of membership hence availing large amount of monetary benefit.
  • Monetary Benefits under apprenticeship programs by government wherein TSSC will work closely with the member so that they can avail monetary for ex- if organization size is 1000 employees then opportunity as per current program is to have monetary benefit amounting to approx. Rs 2 lakhs plus per month which can vary basis the actual count.
  • Assistance in Industry oriented programs like Recognition of Prior learnings which help in upskilling of existing employees and as well as provide lot of other benefits.
  • Support in recruitment as there is availability of large number of trained manpower who are ready to be a part of the industry workforce.
  • Reduced in house training cost as training partners associated with TSSC are already training candidates under various job-roles.
  • Platform for CSR activities as TSSC is 12A and 80G accredited organization hence well positioned and experienced to expedite CSR projects with credibility.
  • Regular and timely information on latest industry related policies of government and other development in the industry through e-newsletters.
  • Benefits through the association of TSSC with various industry associations like ICEA, COAI and other telecom associations.
  • Access to networking events organized by TSSC.
  • Proactive interaction with State and Central Government teams
  • Engagement in developing training programs in alignment with the industry requirements and say in National Occupational Standards and curriculum.