Accelerating skill development in the Indian Telecom Sector, Implementing world class excellence

A Center Of Excellence or a TSSC Skill Lab is a facility based and domain specific competency lab envisioned to provide hands on approach towards leading edge technologies such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Security & Surveillance and more. A Skill Lab ensures best practices in the industry and along with skill training in key emerging areas with knowledge deficit and a skill gap.

Telecom Sector Skill Council has pledged to take initiatives to overcome the demand supply gap between the industry requirements and talents. Industries are looking for a skilled talent pool and it is important that high quality skills and industry training is ensued to the masses. With focused labs, TSSC aims to build the foundation and prepare young Indians for the future.

Benefits: Center of Excellence

  • Centres of Excellence is setup in premises of a premier institute of technology in India. Best of class quality is ensured as lab experts, trainers and assessors are accredited by TSSC and the Institute. All the labs and equipment are curated maintaining industry standards.
  • Telecom Sector Skill Labs aims to establish multiple Skill Labs over the country. We have an agile process of assembling a premium skill lab in a period of 4 to 6 weeks.
  • A lab has a modular layout, hence can be used for other providing training in other technology and skills.
  • A CoE encourages world-class skills and incubation of new ideas amongst students.
  • Great investment opportunity for your CSR funds towards nation building

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