Telecom Sector Skill Council

Training Center

About Telecom Center of Excellence:

 In alignment with vision of Skill India Mission, we are opening  Centre of Excellence in association with training partners having capability to bring expertise in skilling the youth. These centres will help in skilling on new technologies, innovations incubation, entrepreneurship & manufacturing.

 Telecom Sector Skill Council intends to set up a Centre of Excellence with an objective for quality, teaching, training and advisory services in the field of telecom to cater to the new challenges in telecom sector. We thank you for your interest shown in Centre of Excellence (Telecom Sector).

TSSC with this Centre of Excellence would aim to promote skill development by enhancing human capital through training programmes for all the stakeholders in telecom sector which may includes  policy makers, regulators, students and the industry. First initiative in this direction would be to train the trainers who would later train the beginners and build the human capital required in development of telecom sector. TSSC would empanel such exclusive across the country and this would help in expansion to each corner of the country and replication of the best practices. These centres would also be supported by an array of TSSC’s other centres/partners. Survey was conducted by TSSC which clearly showed that there is huge potential to promote skill development and train individuals in this sector. Centre of Excellence would aid in bridging this gap of human capital in this sector in a qualitative manner.

Centre of Excellence’s training programme would cover approx. 5-6 telecom domains for which equipments and facilities will be provided by the partners. Job Roles in which skill development would be promoted will be handset repair engineer, optical fiber technician/splicer, tower technician, telecom terminal equipment application developer (android application), customer care executive (call centre), and telecom embedded hardware developer. Academia partners can select the domains in which training will be imparted or can suggest them choices.

Partners would support by means of providing requisite infrastructure to set up this Centre of Excellence would spread across covered area of 3000 sq ft which would be subsequently increased to cater to the demand. Partners will provide the technical support required to make this project a success. TSSC’s contribution to Centre of Excellence will be via establishing standards and common agreeable terms and conditions and introducing Govt. schemes on priority as also industry placement support.


Aim of Telecom Center of Excellence:

 COE's will create opportunity for youth to get skilled through theory classes and practical experiential learning for better understanding of tools and technology. This will empower the student with skills and confidence, enhancing their quality of life.

Key objective is to create opportunities and scope for the development of talents of Indian youth and to promote entrepreneurship among them.