Telecom Sector Skill Council

Terms & Condition


  • The Training Provider (TP) shall align the curriculum and content to the relevant Qualification Packs (QP’s) and National Occupational Standards (NOS) set by the Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC), for the job roles published as QP/NOS.
  • For training based on TPs Curriculum, Alignment to TSSC defined syllabus needs to be confirmed.
  • The Training period will be as per mutually discussed between TSSC and TP.
  • The TP shall have required equipment, software & necessary lab infrastructure in order to conduct training for job roles applied for, as per the guidelines set by TSSC. These equipments will also be required to be made available to the Assessment agency and assessors for assessment of Trainees.
  • For training on published QPs and NOS, TP will have to undertake entry of candidate details in online system provisioned by TSSC/NSDC. In this case, successfully assessed and qualified candidates will be accorded certificates with TSSC, NSDC and Government of India Logo.
  • For training on TP Curriculum and TSSC syllabus, details of candidates would be shared by TP in the format prescribed and promulgated by TSSC. In this case, successful candidates will be accorded certificate with TSSC and TP logo.
  • The Assessment Fee for job roles upto NVEQF level 4 shall be at Rs. 1000/- per candidate payable to TSSC. For higher level job roles, it will be as decided by TSSC.
  • Collection of Assessment Fee from candidates shall be the responsibility of the TP. Transfer to assessment fee by TP to TSSC shall be along-with the training commencement date.
  • In the eventuality of a trainee dropping out of the training program, the Assessment fee will be non-refundable.
  • In the event of any dispute, the TP shall be the only party responsible to resolve / take the responsibility.
  • The TP will be expected to provide the training as per the approved schedule to the trainee and ensure that the trainee is adequately skilled as per the performance criteria defined in the QP and NOS or TSSC defined syllabus, as the case may be.
  • The TP should ensure that the on-going batch is not affected due to trainer attrition or absence of trainer.
  • On the day of the assessment, the TP shall ensure that the necessary facilities (computers with broadband connection for assessment of candidates) are extended to the assessor and adequate lab infra with necessary raw materials is provided for the assessment purpose.
  • The trainee will be allowed to take the assessment as many times as the trainee wants by paying the Assessing Fee each time. The Assessment, as applicable, per attempt has to be transferred to the TSSC each time.
  • Training Provider will ensure that an attendance register is maintained and are shared with assessor on the day of assessment for scrutiny.
  • Verifiable Record of training duration and identification of candidates (including photograph)needs to be maintained to validate the duration of training and to ascertain that the candi dates who are assessed, are the same who went through the course. These records are to be maintained for a minimum of six months.
  • TSSC will declare the results within 2 weeks after the assessment and send PDF of certificates to the TP.
  • It will be the responsibility of the TP to printout the certificates.
  • The certificates should be:
    1. On A4 size sheets
    2. Colour printed
    3. On 160 to 180 GSM paper
  • The TP shall issue the certificates to the trainee within 2 working days. Any delay will be the liability of the TP.
  • The Training Provider shall strictly follow further conditions as may be speciï¬ed by TSSC from time to time.
  • The TP will be liable to pay Service Tax, unless exempted by the Govt, and in case paid, recovery back would be as per extant rules.
  • The TP confirms that he/she is not blacklisted / debarred by any Government / Semi-Government organization in the past.
  • Other than the centres declared during affiliation no more branch/offices will be approved.
  • No Telecom Training will be conducted by the TP without TSSC certification.
  • This affiliation is not valid for Online training for which separate authorisation will be required.
  • TSSC will be utilising the candidate data for placement & other purposes, unless categorically stated by the candidate that he does not want it to be hosted. The same will be the responsi bility of the Training Partner ASSESSMENT AGENCY
    1. Provide assessors for specific job roles, in consultation with TSSC as per their requirement PAN India.
    2. Empanel assessors in accordance with requirements of TSSC and after obtaining TSSC concurrence.
    3. Ensure that all assessors on the panel of AB undergo the Train the Assessor (TTA) programme as per qualification packs. Only assessed and qualified assessors would be utilised for all assessments.
    4. Agree that incorporation of Technology based / on line / of line (tablet) assessment techniques would be adopted to ensure scalability, cost reduction and non- subjectivity to the highest extent, and that if required would partner with an appropriate agency as evaluated and approved by TSSC.
    5. Provide reasonable support in pre–screening tasks and work with TSSC to update agency details on to the SDMS.
    6. Co-ordinate and Liaise with training partners to get information for conduct of assessment of training batches.
    7. Within two working days on receipt of information regarding commencement of training batches, confirm availability of assessor for assessment of training batch for related job role / tasks. AB will assess trainers / learners who have completed their training from affiliated training providers or as instructed by TSSC.