S.No Charges NSDC Partners for Roles registered with NSDC TSSC Partners for all Schemes including PMKVY Only PMKVY Application
1. Application Fee (One Time) NIL 5000/- NIL
2. Affiliation Fee NIL 20000 NIL
3. Center Validation Charges 4000- City B/2000 - City A 4000- City B/2000 - City A 4000- City B/2000 - City A
4. Curriculum Alignment/Job Role 5000 5000 5000


(a) All fee paid is non refundable

(b) Affiliation for PMKVY will be for the duration of scheme only.

(c) TSSC reserves the right to reject any application.

(d) Affiliation will be granted when the applicant fulfill all the criteria including inspection of centers.

(e) Curriculum Alignment Fee for ESDM Job Roles is Rs 6000 + 15% per job role.

Note: A service tax of 15% is applicable on all the above mentioned fees except for PMKVY.