Telecom Sector Skill Council

Our Governing Body

TSSC is managed by a Governing Body consisting of 17 members, comprising 3 members each from leading Telecom Service Providers & Handset Segment, 2 members from leading players in network & Managed Services Segment and one member each from Telecom Passive infra Segment, COAI, ICA TCOE, NSDC, TAIPA, AUSPI, Government, Academia, and TSSC(CEO)

Message from our President

Mr. Akhil Gupta

"I am confident that the Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC) would act as a catalyst and facilitate upgrading the skills of the Telecom sector personnel to world-class level by engaging all stakeholders in tune with the latest developments. The customized vocational training intervention and a credible assessment framework, being developed by TSSC would benefit both the employees and employers nationwide in the years to come, which would further accelerate the Telecom success story. I have no doubt that the Indian Telecom industry will provide the necessary impetus by providing all support to encourage this venture".