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TSSC- AICTE PMKVY- TI portal is now open to apply for Telecom Roles


A tripartite partnership has been operationalized between AICTE colleges (through AICTE portal), Employing Industry (through TSSC) and Training Partners (Through TSSC).

The brief manner in which this model works is as under:


  • A training centre will jointly be operationalized by the participating entities on college premises, students mobilized, pre-placed and trainings will commence to be funded under AICTE-PMKVY-TI and or self-financed.


  • On completion of QP based training an additional capsule of company specific training module may also be conducted in this centre. TSSC will endeavor to provide value adds like soft-skills and psychometric tests where required.


  • Post the training, the candidate will be absorbed by the LOI submission company.

To participate, the following process may be followed-

        Link for Training Partner

        Link for Colleges


 Read FAQs, before raising a query:

  1. What is the additional advantage a college gets through this scheme.

      - Industrial Attachment



      -Soft skills

      -Aggregated certification leading to diploma (to be confirmed)

  1. What does a college have to pay?

     -The college/TP has to pay the affiliation fee as per the TSSC         protocols.

3. Will the training be subsidized?

      -Yes, through AICTE-PMKVY-TI

      -College can opt for a self- financed model for training, based common norms  

  1. From where the mobilization can be done?

     -Mobilization of candidates can be done as per the below-mentioned ways-

      -Adjunct areas

      -Other colleges

* (as per the qualification mentioned in QPs)

  1. Will this training be applicable to our own college students?

-No, this will not be applicable to your own college students.

  1. Any specific format for the LOI?

     -Link to format for LOI-

  1. ) How does a college apply for AICTE PMKVY TI 2018-2019?

The college can apply on AICTE’s web portal. The user manual for the same can be found here:

  1. Can a training partner implement this scheme?

Yes, A TP can implement AICTE PMKVY in collaboration with an AICTE approved college on mutually agreed terms.

  1. What will be the payout mechanism?

AICTE will pay the college directly as per common norms in the ratio of 30/30/20/20%

  1. When and by whom will the assessment fee be paid?

Assessment fee is to be paid by the college to TSSC in advance 10 working days prior to the assessment.                                                                  

  1. Are these trainings placement linked?

-Yes, akin to other government subsidized schemes, AICTE PMKVY too has a 20% outcome-based component to be paid only post job/entrepreneur placement of the candidate.

  1. Recommended revenue share between colleges and supporting Partners (Industry/Training Partner)

    -Link to revenue share matrix: